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Flights from Australia to Las Vegas

Search for flights from Australia to Las Vegas.


The following airlines fly direct to the USA (into Los Angeles or San Francisco). No airline flies direct to Las Vegas from Australia.


Qantas flies to USA  Unites Airlines flies to USA  Delta Airlines flies to USA  V Australia flies to USA
 Qantas  United Airlines  Delta  V Australia

Here’s some information to help with your planning, however, please be advised that these are indicative flight details which are subject to airline changes.

Direct Flights ex Sydney

To Los Angeles (duration 13h 40m)                                       To San Francisco (duration 13h 21m)
Delta, V Australia and United Airlines fly daily to Los Angeles.
Qantas flies twice daily.
United Airlines flies daily.

Direct Flights ex Melbourne

Melbourne to Los Angeles (duration 14h 27m)                      To San Francisco (duration 16h 15m)
Qantas flies daily and V Australia flies Tues, Thurs and Sat No direct flights

Direct Flights ex Brisbane

Brisbane to Los Angeles (duration 13 h 12 m)                       To San Francisco (14h 35m)
Qantas flies every day except Mondays. V Australia flies
Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri
No direct flights

If you are embarking from any other Australian city, you will have to travel via one of the above cities or through another international city. We have included the most commonly used airlines and routes, however, there are other options which we can investigate for you when you’re ready to book with us.


Air Pacific, the Fijian National airline flies via Nandi (Fiji) to Los Angeles. Great for a family stopover or that romantic interlude.
Hawaiian Airlines, flies via Honolulu to Los Angeles. Great for a stopover for a few days or check out the other Hawaiian Islands.
Air New Zealand, flies via Auckland to Los Angeles. Great to combine if you’re wanting to ski in both the USA and New Zealand on your way to or from Las Vegas.


There are literally dozens of daily flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco (and many other US cities) to Las Vegas. Which airline will depend on available specials and which international carrier you choose as airlines will partner up and offer deals. Depending on the flight, the time of year and the airfare structure we may be able to find a through fare which means that the internal sector could be included. We automatically source these fares if available. 

Here’s some common Q&A’s answered

Do airfares vary throughout the year?

Yes they do. School holidays and the Christmas / New Year period are always busier and therefore more expensive.

Is it cheaper if I book in advance?

Yes and No. Airlines provide an allocation of cheap seats on each aircraft. Once this allocation is sold then the next dearest seats are sold, and so on. That’s why it is wise to book as early as possible. However, just to confuse you the airlines will sometimes advertise specials for a limited time to fill up seats in less busier times and sometimes these seats are only released closer to the travel date. If you are on our mailing list we can advise you of these specials as they are released or speak to one of our expert consultants and let them know your requirements and they will contact you personally should we hear of an excellent special that is about to be released.

What are my stopover options?

The most common stopover routes from Australia are Honolulu and Los Angeles although Nadi, Auckland and San Francisco are also sometimes sought.

Is it cheaper to book a group airfare if there’s more than 10 of us travelling?

Sometimes but not always. The fantastic advantage of group fares is that the fare is consistent and locked in plus if you are unsure of names and total number of passengers, you have extra time to advise these to the airline. Often, however, specials are cheaper (but they are ad hoc and unreliable). We can advise you of this when you call our office on 1800 747 848.

Can I travel to Las Vegas on a round-the-world ticket?

Of course, and this is the best way to go if you have a multi-destination holiday planned.

For personal and expert assistance, contact one of our helpful Pure Las Vegas Holidays travel experts via our contact us form and we will get back to your within 2 business days.

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