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  • Hi Michelle

    Overall a fantastic day, thanks so much for pulling it all together for us, definitely one to remember! Hats off to your photographer!! She was so enthusiastic and directive, running us around and suggesting locations because we really had no idea! What a wonderful spirit and personality and great way to finish up the day. Also, my hair was really nice, the stylists did a great job at that!

    Thanks again

    Renee & Chris

    Renee and Christopher

  • We loved the service at the Graceland Chapel. It was the right choice for us and a lot of fun. Thank you for the recommendation.

    Everything went smoothly with the pink Cadillac.

    I was very happy with the Hair and Make up booked. She did a great job in under an hour, and she was a joy to have around.

    The wedding reception at the Stratosphere was delightful. The food was delicious and we took full advantage of the sunset, the free rides on the top of the hotel and the bar above us for an after party.


    We are very pleased we stayed away from Waikiki. We were definitely over crowds and cities by the time we hit the island. Thank you for the recommendation at Turtle Bay Resort – Michelle, thanks again for all your hard work.

    Penny & Neil

    Penny and Neil

  • The day was perfect. There are no other words to use that sums up our day and our experience with our wedding and everything in Vegas. Thank you for your help and planning everything!

    Nicole and Aaron

  • Hi Michelle,

    Just wanted to thank you for helping to organise our wedding in Vegas. Everyone was great and it went smoothly.

    I fully endorse the celebrant, photographer and makeup/hair people you chose for us.

    Thank you

    Maria & Garry

  • Thanks Michelle for organising such a wonderful wedding for myself, my husband and our beautiful daughter. It was great to be able to talk to someone in Australia about what we would like and to then have it all done as requested with minimal effort on my behalf. I trusted that you would have the best contacts in Las Vegas to ensure the day went smoothly and as perfectly as possible and you did not disappoint. I would highly recommend yours services to all I know. I had a wonderful day and have  a wonderful set of photos I will always treasure of this special day.

    Yours kindly Judi, Jim and Emma

    Judi and Jim

  • Caitlin and Shane

    Thank you so so much for planning our wedding and honeymoon everything was absolutely amazing.

    It was everything we wanted and more! Our photos are seriously PERFECT!!! I am so happy with all the services and everything we received!

    Memories we will have forever.

    Caitlin & Shane

    Caitlin and Shane

  • Hi Michelle,

     We really enjoyed our wedding in Vegas the actual day was great and all the services provided by everyone were fantastic. 

    Thank you so much

    Alicia and Dibyendu

    Alicia and Dibyendu

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