How To Keep It Sexy Years Into The Marriage

Nowadays, people are a lot more open and comfortable when it comes to talking about marriages and the troubles that can come along with it, so Keep It Sexy particularly when it comes to sex! THe sex life of a married couple can be incredibly exciting and invigorating because, with such trust, there is a lot more room for experimentation, among other things, however, with that said, it can also become quite stagnant if that area of their romantic life is not taken care of! Having sex with the same person, over and over again, can inevitably lead to boredom, stagnation. You may think that boring sex is your new life now and you might simply accept but, there are quite a few reasons why you shouldn’t!


Surely, at the beginning of your marriage, sex was amazing and it was exciting, you probably were looking forward to it every single night but, as time went on, you started getting less and less excited about it and just started seeing it as a way to get the job done, wasting some energy to help you sleep better. Does this sound like you? If it does then fret not because we have the right solutions to how you can ignite the flame again and how you can keep it sexy, years into your marriage!


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions


Even though today’s society is a lot more open to talking about sex and, even though taboos are becoming less and less of a horrifying thing, people are still quite nervous and reluctant when it comes to asking such personal and deep questions such as how they like sex to be done and such. Even when it comes to couples that have been married for quite some time, there can still be some level of nervousness relating to whether you should ask that question you’ve been wanting to ask or not.


It is important that you let go of that mentality, that you let go of your inhibitions when it comes to asking your partner questions! Being married is all about living and sharing a life together and, with it, come some questions that must be asked. Do you want to ask your partner how they like to be penetrated? Or perhaps you are curious to whether or not they would like to have something done to them that you have been dying to try out? YOu will never know the answer until you ask so, by asking sexy questions such as the previously mentioned, you can get to know them better, which will certainly lead to more confidence and companionship in the bedroom!


Never Miss Foreplay


Sure, sometimes, moments such as the ones where you have absolutely no intention of having foreplay and you are so enthralled in each other that you just want to get to the action already happen however, after a few years of being married, these moments can stop being so special and start becoming the norm. Foreplay is an amazing thing, it is a way to build tension and excitement before there is even any action and, with that said, it is also the kind of activity that should never be skipped! Perhaps you do not want to spend a lot of time with foreplay in the bedroom and, that is fine, after all, we all lead very busy lives however, you will be very happy to know that foreplay does not have to be done in the bedroom at all and, in fact, we would certainly recommend you do it elsewhere!


Toys such as buttplugs with remote controls, for example, are perfect for this kind of foreplay. By having your partner inserting this kind of buttplug inside them, while you keep the remote with you at all times, turning it on and off at your will before you even get to the bedroom can make for some unforgettable moments and is bound to build up enough tension to great memories to last a lifetime! On the other hand, simply giving oral to them, talking dirty, teasing, slapping their bottom from time to time and more can be an incredible form of foreplay as well!


Experiment With New Things


Part of what makes sex boring after years of being married is the fact that the same thing is done in the bedroom, over and over again. It can be very easy for a married couple to fall into a sexual routine that adds nothing new to each other lives which, inevitably leads to sexual stagnation as well. Remember, experimenting with new things does not have to involve whips, pain or group sex!


Many people think that experimenting with new things with your partner immediately means that you have to be as kinky as can be and, even though that is a fantastic thing to do for those people that are into that, it is also okay to not do them for those that would rather not! Experimenting with new things can be little acts such as switching up positions with new ones that you’ve never tried before, trying out a new lubricant that provides fantastic new sensations or even trying out a sex swing or having sex in a different part of the house! Little things like these can help immensely when it comes to making sex a lot more exciting for a married couple that might be feeling stuck in boredom!


Remember The Good Old Days


After being married for a long time, many couples tend to forget what drew them to marry each other in the first place. They can forget what made the sex between them so exciting, how amazing it was to love every single inch of each other and so on and so forth. Trying to remember the good old days that truly made those moments so unforgettable is important to bring them back because, perhaps, you forgot a very important factor that you could bring back, lighting the flame again!


Remember Keep It Sexy

Remember, keeping things sexy in a marriage is not all about sex, sometimes, remembering the connection that you both once had can help immensely. These are some of the ways that you can keep things sexy in the bedroom and, whether you do it by getting new sex toys from shops such as Sex Toys Palace or, whether you prefer to have a day-long foreplay session before getting into the bedroom, we hope you are able to light back the flame so it never gets dim again!


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