What is so special about Las Vegas?

Guess which population of people visit Vegas the most? That’s right, Australians. Can you guess why? That’s right, casinos, entertainment, shopping and of course, the nightlife.

Las Vegas truly is the city that doesn’t sleep. Imagine Sydney’s CBD at 6pm on a Friday night, now imagine that x 10 in Vegas at 4am on any given night. The place is mental all the time. But in a great way!

It’s one of those places you visit that you know will be everything you wanted and more. The shopping is hands down incredible, the entertainment is spectacular, the casinos are pumping all night long and the strip is always inviting.

I have been there 4 times in 5 years now and it has been different every time. You can never get tired of the shopping. There is something for absolutely everyone. Need a present for your partner? Done. Need a present for your child? Easy. Need a present for Grandma? No doubt you’ll find something in Vegas. There are so many shopping malls! Even shopping outside the main town & strip and the shopping is still great at the Downtown Shopping Malls.

Here is a photo of me after 1 day, 2 hours of shopping and with a pretty limited spending amount. There are not just a lot of shops; there are a lot of really good shops that are cheap.Another thing that you need to experience is the food. Now in Australia, we are given decent meal sizes and everything’s pretty portion controlled. Not in America and definitely not in Las Vegas. But it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. So much walking is done up and down the strip and through the malls that eating a jumbo salad will not hurt in the slightest…Eating a jumbo bucket of chicken wings might, but hey, you’re on holidays right? Now the food, that’s also really cheap. Unbelievably cheap for the value you receive.

Next to entice you with, is the entertainment. Las Vegas is easily the entertainment capital of the world with so many shows to see! I have been to the Blue Man Group and Cirque Du Soleil, two really fun and exciting shows. My regret was not seeing Katy Perry, who was live in Vegas one of the times I was there. All year round, big names and big shows will be playing in Vegas so there’s no real need to strictly plan dates to Vegas because it’s always pumping.

The casinos are of course what make Vegas so famous. I, myself, am not much of a gambler and the only memory I have of participating was making my dad put a $1 coin in a slot, getting $2 back then losing it a few moments later in another machine. I think this is when I learned the meaning of “quite while you’re ahead”. But of course, you have to have at least one go in Vegas or watch someone else (that would be my choice). Casinos and slot machines are absolutely everywhere so try your luck but remember, quit while you’re ahead.

Now imagine getting to see and do all of this before, after or even during your Wedding in Vegas! There are so many ways to go about getting married in Vegas – preferably planned and to someone you know – but you won’t believe how many people organise and plan for this and how many Aussies go over there to get married or even renew their vowels!

It’s such a fun and ecstatic location and it oozes excitement! These are all the things that just makes Vegas so special regardless of where you stay. Our personal favourite is the Vdara! Check it out!

Michelle Schwenke

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