These Tips Will Make Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Mesmerizing Forever

Are you wondering the best way to plan your wedding rehearsal dinner? Well, this is something that often people don’t hire planners for and don’t even take it seriously. But do you know that you can make your rehearsal dinner mesmerizing forever? Something that will be a memorable moment for both of you.

So today we thought it might be a great idea for you to talk through some steps with us on what are the best practices to plan your rehearsal dinner. Let’s get started on best practices for your rehearsal dinner planning.


#1 Invitation

Mostly the first thing that you will think about is the invitation. With the dual hosting, a lot of times the groom’s parents or your other partner’s parents would be the host of the rehearsal dinner.

It’s a miniature wedding style so it’s not intended for the whole wedding invite list, but it’s important for you to talk about the invitation with the host before you start getting into your personal invitation for the wedding.

Well, we suggest the couples incorporate an add-in or an insert card into their wedding suite. So the beauty with that is that you can kind of have printed a lesser number however many people you’re inviting to the rehearsal dinner and do an add-in to your wedding suite which will be kind of an insert card.

This way you’re saving on postage, you’re saving on envelopes, and you’re saving on time. If you can send one packet that paints the picture of the whole weekend again, you’re assigning those invites to the people that you want them to go to that makes it a little bit more seamless.

Of course, if you have a partner’s parents or spouse’s parents who have a split family or want to send something individually that’s completely fine too. There are some great options out there for a rehearsal soiree.


#2 Types of Dinners

 The next thing you should keep in mind is the types of rehearsal dinners. In the recent generation weddings, you’re going to see a couple of different variations on rehearsal dinners which makes it even more impactful.

The people that are invited to a rehearsal dinner are typically your wedding party, your wedding party spouses, and your immediate family. Again, there’s another variation of this you can extend depending on your guest count to out-of-town guests too.

The whole reason that the rehearsal dinner has been made up is to greet the guests who are coming in from out of town, taking the time

out of their schedule, spending the money to travel, and hosting them for the entire weekend. The best part I always remember about these are the Gay Chat that goes on behind the scenes.


#3 Location

The third tip for rehearsal dinner planning is to think about where you’re doing it. Location is really important as it’s going to dictate how much planning you’re going to need for the rest of the party. So talk to your partner’s parents about this.

One tip not to forget during this moment is to not forget to ask your photographer can you come for two to four hours to shoot a couple behind the scenes this is a great opportunity for your families to get group shots family photos that they might not be getting during the wedding day. If you feel bored at wedding functions, you can get pleasurable moments by watching live female cams.


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