Finding a Great Wedding Dress in Las Vegas!

Without Breaking the Bank!

For many women, having the perfect dress is an important part of any wedding, whether it’s held across the street or around the world. Finding a Great Wedding Dress in Las Vegas can be difficult,  When you plan an exciting destination wedding in Las Vegas, you’re in luck – Las Vegas is a city built for romance, with an awe-inspiring variety of wedding dresses to suit any taste. But how do you find one that won’t put a strain on your wedding budget? At Las Vegas Weddings and Pure Travel, we know Las Vegas better than anyone, and we have some great tips for getting the dress of your dreams without all of the drama.

To Rent or To Buy?

The first decision to make is whether you want to keep the dress, or if you’re alright with not taking your wedding gown home. This is entirely a matter of personal preference – some women don’t feel much of an attachment to their wedding gown, while others want to have it preserved and saved as a lifetime reminder of their big day.

Renting a Las Vegas Wedding Gown

If renting a gown is an option for you, then you’ll obviously be able to save money. You will probably be able to afford to rent a more expensive gown than you could actually afford to purchase, especially if you want a particularly expensive type of wedding gown. Some wedding chapels rent gowns, but their selections  might be limited. If you’re hoping to rent from your wedding chapel, it’s always a good idea to communicate with them beforehand about their specific selection of gowns.

There are also several gown rental boutiques in Las Vegas, many of which will also rent the groom’s tuxedo for a reduced package price. You can expect to pay anywhere from USD $200 to several hundred dollars, depending on the boutique and the gown that you choose. It’s important to check the policies regarding potential damages to the gown and pick-up/drop-off policies. Some boutiques will even pick your wedding gown and/or tux up from your hotel after the ceremony to make your honeymoon time in Vegas even less stressful.

Buying a Las Vegas Wedding Gown

If you don’t want to pack your wedding dress and bring it from Australia, then you’ll likely want to purchase one for your Las Vegas wedding soon after you arrive in the city. The key to getting a gown you want – at a price you can afford – is planning ahead. Even if it’s just looking up the names and addresses of a few great places to get gowns near the strip, you’ll be more prepared when you fly into the city. While your travel agent can give you some great ideas, it’s not always best to rely solely on your hotel concierge’s advice. Sometimes, hotels will give you the information on a vendor they have a relationship with, instead of the best prices, service or selection.

Just like purchasing a gown in Australia, you can expect to spend anywhere from USD $200 well into the thousands. It all depends on your individual tastes and what you’re looking for. If you know that you’ll be bringing your gown home, take that into consideration with your luggage. You probably won’t want to shove it in a suitcase with your toiletries and other laundry. Find out about any extra fees that you’ll need to pay for a dress bag when bringing your wedding gown home to Australia.

Your destination wedding to Las Vegas will provide you memories to last a lifetime. Whether you rent your dress, bring it from home or buy it in Las Vegas, the important thing is the wedding itself and your commitment to each other.

To start planning your Las Vegas wedding today, contact a member of the Las Vegas Weddings team!


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