How Much Does A Las Vegas Wedding Cost?

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is one of the world’s top cities for spontaneous weddings and decadent romance. Countless couples wed their every year, from spur-of-the-moment elopements to carefully planned ceremonies. If you’re considering a Las Vegas wedding, one of your first questions is probably, “How much will it cost?”

According to Bride To Be magazine, the average cost of a wedding in Australia is $48,296.00. The Good News? A Las Vegas wedding, even with airfare and hotel accommodations, will likely cost you far less. But the actual costs will depend largely upon the wedding experience you and your partner choose. Below, we’ll discuss everything you’ll need for your Las Vegas wedding – and how much you can expect to pay for it.

The Chapel (USD $40.00-$2,500.00)

This is a pretty big price difference, but it’s all about location! If you want to get married as soon as you step out of the courthouse with your marriage license, you can do so at the aptly-named Chapel By The Courthouse starting at about USD $40.00. At the other end of the spectrum, you can wed in one of the famed Bellagio’s chapels – but it will cost you around USD $2,500.00 to do so.

Fortunately, most Las Vegas wedding chapels cost far less than the Bellagio. In fact, you will find that nearly all chapels you look at are under $1,000.00. Thus, if you want to wait until you arrive to choose a chapel, but need to budget, then setting aside USD $1,000.00 will likely work quite well. If you think you might want a more decadent venue, then try to do some research prior to leaving on your Las Vegas wedding holiday.

The Minister (USD $50.00-$100.00 + tip)

This is an important one to remember. Many people assume that the chapel’s minister is part of the chapel package, but that generally isn’t the case. Depending on your Las Vegas wedding package, the minister’s services will probably cost between USD $50.00 and $100.00, with many chapels settling around $60.00. And, FYI: the general rule for tipping the minister is 15% the cost of the wedding package.

The Marriage License (USD $55.00)

There are no surprises here! Your marriage license will cost you USD $55.00, in cash. Credit cards are not accepted. For great information on how to obtain your marriage license, check out our helpful guide here. (Valerie – need hyperlink on LV weddings site)

The Dress (Rental: USD $75.00 and up; Purchasing: USD $99.00 and up)

There can be a big price difference between buying and renting your wedding gown, and it all comes down to personal preference. The cheapest gowns that you may find to rent or buy may, after all, may not be what you want to wear – and many Aussie brides don’t want to wait until they arrive in Vegas to track down a gown. Fortunately, many of the rental shops anticipate this, and post their bridal gown inventories online. Do some searching, and you may be able to “nail down” the gown you want at a price that’s great before you head for the States.

Tuxedo Rental (USD $50.00-$185.00)

Since most men choose to rent their tux, especially when travelling overseas, it’s quite a bit cheaper than the wedding gown. Although USD $50.00 is about the cheapest I’ve seen, and some people pay roughly $185.00 for pricey designer tuxedo rental, most people seemed to be paying around $100.00. That is for a solo tux; if you’re going to be renting several, you might be able to get the groom’s tux for free (many rental places offer this deal).

Flowers (USD $35.00-$170.00 – if not included)

Since your wedding flower needs can vary greatly depending on how many people are in your party, we researched the prices for just the bridal bouquet. At many chapels, the bridal bouquet is actually included in the Las Vegas wedding package price. If it isn’t included, your chapel will no doubt have a relationship with one or two local vendors. If you go to an independent florist (which may or may not make it less expensive), you can expect to pay USD $35.00 and up for a hand-tied bouquet, or $150.00 and up for an intricate, cascading bridal bouquet.

Photography (USD $200.00-$700.00, if not included)

This is another service that is often included in the Las Vegas wedding package price – to a degree. Every chapel’s package will be different and include different sizes and numbers of photos. If you want additional photos from your wedding, you’ll likely have to pay for them, along with any photo-related memorabilia.

Some chapels may require that you use their on-site wedding photographer, so check their policies in advance. If you hire an outside Las Vegas wedding photographer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200.00 to $700.00. This depends on a lot of factors, like the amount of time you want the photographer with you and whether or not you want full rights to the photos.

More and more Aussie couples are choosing Las Vegas for the wedding of a lifetime. Affordable, romantic and fun, it’s a way to start your new life together.

For more information, or help planning your Las Vegas destination wedding, contact one of our experienced staff today!



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