Overcome Your Wedding Jitters!

Overcome Your Wedding Jitters

If you’re getting married soon, you already know the whirlwind of emotions that goes along with planning for your Big Day. Being in love is wonderful, and the prospect of proclaiming that to your family and friends may be both exciting and terrifying.

It’s only normal to have conflicting feelings when you are planning such a momentous change in your life. You might worry about paying for the wedding; finding the perfect dress; choosing decorations and flowers; family issues, or about speaking your vows in public. This is sometimes referred to as “wedding jitters.”

“Wedding jitters” can consist of a constellation of distressing symptoms including restlessness, irritability, and difficulty concentrating” (3) You may also start to obsess over wedding details; to the point of emotional paralysis. You may have trouble eating. You may argue with anything your fiancé says, or cry without explanation at sentimental commercials. You may not be able to sleep, and you may even begin to lose your enthusiasm for wedding planning. (1)

Why do so many prospective brides or grooms experience these fears and anxieties? In essence: ”wedding jitters are a form of performance anxiety.” (3) No matter how many rehearsals you may have, saying your vows “for real” in front of so many people may seem too daunting a prospect. (1) . The day itself can seem like an insurmountable obstacle; you naturally want your wedding to be the perfect day, and perfection is rarely possible.

Though it’s important to share your feelings with your future spouse or your family members; sometimes you need more help to resolve these feelings. (3) You deserve to get help to find the relief you need. Some prospective brides and grooms have found relief with hypnotherapy. It has proved to provide great relief for many states of anxiety – including your wedding jitters.

You may worry about what being hypnotized might feel like. Hypnosis uses a trained therapist who helps you into a special level of relaxation. Hypnosis brings you both mental and physical relaxation. Your muscles can become more relaxed and less tense. (5) Hypnosis is not done with medication or physical touch. (5) trained therapist uses a special method of rhythmic speaking to guide you into a state of deep relaxation. This state is called hypnosis. Once you are in this state they will use special methods to suggest ways for you to rethink your wedding fears. They instill an inner message that everything about the wedding will be OK. They help you reassure yourself; they bring your most positive thoughts to the front of your mind and allow them to be the most prominent thought. (3) The hypnotherapist is not in command; they do not choose what the person experiences. Only what is already in your mind can be evoked. (2) They help you back to your true feelings and reassure you that your decision to marry will be the best choice you can make.

Overcome Your Wedding Jitters

Every person experiences hypnotherapy in a different way. The extent and nature of the feelings it brings vary with the person and with the degree of their anxiety before the treatment. (2) However, most who have been hypnotized have reported the experience leaves them feeling calm and feeling more positive. (5)

You don’t have to spend a long period of time receiving hypnotherapy treatment. Even if you find yourself fraught with anxiety; mere weeks before the wedding, hypnosis can be an effective answer. Some brides find they need only one or two sessions before their mood can be reframed. (3) Those who can’t take advantage of an in-person session can purchase personalized hypnosis tapes from a skilled therapist. These tapes can also be effective in relieving your jitters. (1)

Wonder if you can be hypnotized? If you are willing, you can be hypnotized. The experience will be very relaxing and leave you feeling refreshed. There are no negative after-effects and it can help you reframe your wedding jitters to a more serene state of mind. Don’t let nerves ruin the most important day of your life! Find a practitioner near you and book a hypnotherapy session before your jitters turn you into a Bridezilla. (6)

Believe me: you and everyone else involved in your upcoming wedding will be very glad you did.

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