Las Vegas Bachelorette Parties

Ladies – Vegas Loves You! Bachelorette Parties….

Ladies, Las Vegas is very friendly to hens nights and the best bachelorette parties. Super friendly. Club hosts love you. Restaurants love you. Everyone loves you. And it is evident based on the ease with which you pass through those velvet ropes at the mega clubs. Get served first at the bars. As far as Las Vegas is concerned, you are a VIP. Nearly all of the clubs in town offer bachelorette packages. Your best bet is to figure out what club you want to go to, and then check out what packages are available. Chances are, they have a package to suit you and your budget. Pure Las Vegas Holidays can help you work out which club will best suit your group – why go all that way to just have a mediocre night (or nights) when we can help you choose the restaurant, hotel, package, revue .. everything; even the wedding, if you want to combine the two! But, there is so much more than just clubs for the bachelorette and her court. There are shows. There are dancing classes. There are restaurants. Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions to get you planning the perfect hen event.  Read on for the bachelorette party ideas 2021 for wild bachelorette party ideas.

Male Revues

This is the female version of the gentleman’s club, only without stuffing dollars into G-strings. Chippendale’s at Rio and Thunder from Down Under at Excalibur, are the way to go to see hot bodies nearly naked. These men all look good. They dance. They gyrate. They strip down to their skivvies. Albeit, the shows are a bit cheesy, but ask any bachelorette – it is a good time. While the drinking age in America is 21, guests only have to be 18 to gawk at the hot men. Check out the best male revues here.

Strip Clubs

Yes, there are female-focused strip clubs in town. Although less than a handful. These clubs are 21 and over.

Other entertainment

There are great packages that include dinner and entry into clubs. Just ask one of our experienced consultants to combine the best for your group. Pure Las Vegas do not charge to organise your group, if fact, we can help you maximise your savings and advise you on the best packages.

Here’s a few bachelorette packages to make your party one that you will never forget:

  1. Stripper 101 at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino
  2. Ultimate Bachelorette Las Vegas Nightlife Party Package
  3. Ladies Only Single Entry VIP Nightclub Card
  4. VIP Palms Nightclub Package
  5. American Storm at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino
  6. Hoot and Hoover Dam Tour
For the best deals and great advice on your bachelorette party and holiday, contact one of Las Vegas Wedding Experts today!

Top 3 Male Revues

Here’s the pick of the bunch!

  • Chippendales
  • Thunder from Down Under
  • American Storm

Top Strip Clubs & Other
Fun Activities

Britney’s had a go. Check it out!

  • Sapphire Gentleman’s Club
  • Olympic Gardens
  • Pole Fitness Studio
  • Stripper 101

TOP 8 Activities for a Great Hen’s Holiday

  • Spa Treatments
  • Shopping
  • Clubbing
  • Male Reviews
  • Sex Toy Parties
  • Lap Dancing Lessons
  • Pole Dancing Lessons
  • Pool Parties

Some Fun Extras for the Ultimate Hen’s Night

  • Shot glasses
  • Inflatable male dolls
  • Sticky Willies
  • Penis Candy
  • Pecker Poppers
  • Penis Pops
  • Pin the Macho on the Man
You can get any of these at the many adult shops and even the larger souvenir shops located everywhere!
And at the end of the day get your zen back with one of the many yoga classes in las vegas.



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