Extreme Las Vegas Weddings

When you think of destination weddings in Las Vegas, you probably think of little white chapels, romance and lots of laughter. And maybe an Elvis impersonator, if you’re in the mood for something funky. Las Vegas offers all of this, of course, but Sin City doesn’t stop there! There are some extreme ways to get married in Las Vegas that leave celebrity-impersonating priests in the dust. Below are some of the wackiest wedding packages in all of Las Vegas,

Skydiving Weddings

Every wedding is a leap of faith – but this ceremony takes that adage literally. Couples can choose to get married before they board the plane, at the drop zone when they’ve completed the jump or even in the plane right before they jump! Like all Vegas weddings, photos, flowers and champagne are all available to commemorate the “big jump”, both out of the plane and into your life together.

Get Married on a Pirate Ship

Arrrrr, maties! Adventurous couples can get married on the pirate ship at Treasure Island, surrounded by pirates. They can even dress up in pirate gear themselves to make the experience even more complete! These ceremonies are held on the Song Ship used in TI’s Sirens of TI show. You and your new spouse can become the terror the seven seas with this exotic Las Vegas wedding package.

Venetian Gondola Weddings

If you can’t decide between getting married in Vegas or Venice, then this extraordinary wedding package is for you! You and your soon-to-be spouse will say your vows while floating in an elegant white gondola down the Venetian’s romantic canal. It’s like being in Italy, only better, as Vegas is right at your fingertips as you celebrate your nuptials.

Helicopter Weddings

When you are on holiday in Las Vegas, helicopters are a great way to get a bird’s eye view of the Vegas Strip – or even the Grand Canyon! It’s also a great way to get married, with lucky couples saying their vows while hovering over the bright lights of the Vegas Strip. It’s elegant, romantic, unusual and you’ll have great stories to tell when you return home.

Get Married at the Eiffel Tower in Paris Las Vegas

When it comes to Las Vegas Weddings for Australians, it doesn’t get more elegant than this. The happy couple will ascend 460 feet to the observation deck of the Paris Las Vegas replica Eiffel Tower. You’ll say your vows in one of the most romantic settings in Las Vegas, overlooking the Las Vegas strip. Combine an exciting Parisian experience with your Las Vegas destination wedding!

Whatever type of Las Vegas wedding you choose, getting married at any venue in the city is sure to be the experience of a lifetime. At Pure Travel, we love Las Vegas. We can help you plan the destination wedding of your dreams, whether it’s on the ground, in the water or flying high above the city.

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